Aphex Twin – SYRO – New album announcement

This morning Richard James aka Aphex Twin tweeted an URL and that is available only via Tor browser (an open source browser that allows you navigate the internet anonymously apparently). There’s also a strange website promoting the album that also reveals what the browser knows about you … really strange but you can check it out here : http://syro2eznzea2xbpi.com. The link reveal also some sort of a track listing … and the album name … SYRO. Anyway, this is major news for fans that have been waiting for new material since 2001, when hereleased his last album. I must say I’m also eager to listen to this album …


Vangelis’ 1984 interview at Nemo Studios

Vangelis was interviewed in his studio NEMO in 1984 in a piece titled “Vangelis – The Man and His Music”, there are a few dodgy VHS copies floating around on Youtube, but now Youtube user Nimanty has re-edited and remastered to give better quality, and now stereo sound.

Part 1

Part 2

A true goldie, right?

New premium sounds: Operator, Are You Seq, Textura

We are please to announce new premium sounds

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