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Tycho – Dive

Tycho (Scott Hansen) released his first and eagerly anticipated album called DIVE, after a few extended plays that already got him a lot of recognition with electronic music listeners and also gained him many fans. As the album name says, DIVE propose an immersion into sweet, soft, nostalgia Boards of Canada like sounds! I listened the album many times during the last 2 month and I honestly can say that it is a true find. Check it out!


Tycho – Hours by Tycho

Tycho – Dive

  1. A Walk
  2. Hours
  3. Daydream
  4. Dive
  5. Coastal Brake
  6. Ascension
  7. Melanine
  8. Adrift
  9. Epigram
  10. Elegy

You can buy the album from Tycho Music Shop