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70’s Disco Funk (Funk, Groove)


“70’s Disco Funk” is a Funky, uplifting, groovy, Feel good, seventies & eighties disco beat with a fat bass, choppy startocaster guitar chords and stabbing horns.

This is an Energetic, uplifting track which incorporates all the best sounds from 70’s & 80’s disco funk. Perfect for tv advertising, radio, films, viral marketing, web advertisements, movie trailers, business, travel adverts and motivational presentations on YouTube!
Instruments: Bass, shaker, electric guitar, synths, claps, drums, horns.

This track features 4 versions for extra versatility and usability.

Version 1 (2:38)
Version 2 (1:48)
Version 3 (1:14)
Version 4 (0:41)

Similar sound to artists such as Sister Sledge, Daft Punk, Kool & The Gang, Chic and Niles Rodgers.

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