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80s Pop (Electronica)


“80s Pop” – inspiring nostalgic pop dance electronic track.
Great for this music as background for Game, Retro Style , action clips or any retro eighties inspired media.

In the preview file, (Short 01) at 2:43, , (Short 02) at 4:08,, (Short 03) at 5:15, (Big Version) at 6:02

1.80s Pop 2:43 WAV and mp3

2.80s Pop (Short 01) 1:24 WAV and mp3

3.80s Pop (Short 02) 1:06 WAV and mp3

4.80s Pop (Short 03) 0:47 WAV and mp3

5.80s Pop (Big Version) 3:21 WAV and mp3

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