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Album Sheet (Miscellaneous)


Sound of album sheet (standard A4 sheet) for your projects.

Perfect for news, educational videos, cartoons, advertising, commercials, infographic videos, slideshow, web, trailers, games, logos, youtube, After Effects projects, app, interface, and etc.

Also can be used as transition.

Download the preview and check it out!

Package contains 10 high quality WAV and MP3 (320 kBit/s Stereo) files:

1. Turning Page (00:01);

2. Album Paper (00:06);

3. Album Page Flip (00:01);

4. Album Page Flip (00:01);

5. Album Page Flip (00:01);

6. Album Paper Creasing (00:03);

7. Turn Page (00:02);

8. Flipping Pages (00:03);

9. Paper Rustle (00:01);

10. Flipping Pages (00:01);

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