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Ambient Corporate Piano (Motivational)


Ambient Corporate Piano

‘Ambient Corporate Piano’ is a chilled corporate motivational track with a warm, soft sound and relaxing feel. It features a melodic piano, with gentle strings and a driving beat. Ideal for presentations, product commercials, instructional videos and intros.

Included with the main version is a medium length version, a short version, a logo version and a looped version;

Ambient Corporate Piano (2:02)
Ambient Corporate Piano – Medium (1:02)
Ambient Corporate Piano – Short (0:32)
Ambient Corporate Piano – Logo (0:10)
Ambient Corporate Piano – Looped (1:17)

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Ambient Corporate Piano

This track is ideal for; Motivational trailers, Motivational adverts, Motivational commercials, Motivational kid’s productions, Motivational games, Motivational animations, Motivational intros, Motivational podcasts, Motivational documentaries, Motivational incidental music, Motivational shop atmosphere, Motivational movies, Motivational presentation, Motivational TV, Motivational radio, Motivational stings, Motivational logos, Motivational idents, Motivational parties, Motivational news, Motivational craft tutorials, Motivational cooking shows, Motivational motivational projects.. anything Motivational!!


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