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An RSS feed is way better than a newsletter

The new Kreativ Sounds has a RSS feed for some time now, but it was hidden in our Community page and many of you may not have discover it. Now I made it more visible by putting an icon link () to our RSS feed right in the menu bar.

So what is a RSS feed? The RSS (now at version 2.0) initials stands for Really Simple Syndication. Basically with an RSS feed you can read new from your favorite websites using a feed reader or aggregator. The feed reader checks your feeds regularly for new content, downloading any news available.

I think the RSS feeds are a lot better then the newsletters. Why? Well there are some important advantages:

  1. You can read all the news from your favorites websites in one place with your feed reader and that’s saves a lot of time;
  2. No spam, no email address management, no stupid email filters, no space limit;
  3. Unsubscribe anytime you want and stay unsubscribe (unlike when you try to unsubscribe from email spam);
  4. Less headaches for the publishers to reach the audience, more time for writing good articles
  5. RSS is a democratic system and brings good karma for the user and the publisher.

What I’ve said is not new and you might already use the RSS technology to read your news. But if you don’t, then you have to try, you’ll love it!

Important: I decided to delete the database with all the users subscribed to Kreativ Sounds Newsletter in the past and I want to THANK YOU for that, but we have to move on with the new technologies and if still want to stay updated to Kreativ Sounds news, then please can use our new RSS News feeds. Click the big icon below to do it!

Kreativ Sounds RSS News Feed
Subscribe to KS Feeds

Note:From now the newsletter will be used oly to send our customers updates for the products.

Related: Read more info about RSS documents. We recommend the following independent feed readers: Google Reader, Bloglines, FeedLounge, Newsgator, Rojo etc.

Note: These days all the important browsers (IE7, Firefox, Safari) already have the ability to read feeds implemented by default.

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