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Asia Travel (Asian)


“Asia Travel” is an original track in oriental style. It is combines cinematic orchestra and traditional asian instruments together. It is an inspiring music, excellent for oriental films about asia, documentary or presentation movies. Travel to Asia with music for the landscapes and the massive diversity of culture and religion. Beautiful cinematic world music that brings to mind images of beautiful landscapes: Vietnam, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Cambodia, China, Laos, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia & Borneo, Mongolia or any Far East cultures.

It is based on piano, harp, guzheng, gaohu, acoustic guitar, strings, cello, staccato strings, flute, percussion, brass, bells, pads.

Great for authentic and ancient architecture, authentic lifestyle and documentary inspiration moments, videos with architecture of cities, temples, sacred places and prayer seat.
Perfect for chinese festival and chinese new year celebration, documentaries, history of ancient temples, beauty of nature and inspiration movies about Asia.
Also applicable to the creation of advertising and video production of hotels and vacations, airlines and asian corporates.


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