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Ayro’s NAMM 2007 demo for Reason 3

While you are waiting for new Kreativ Sounds soundware to be released and if you haven’t already seen it, you gotta checkout the video below. Jeremy Ellis aka Ayro has done a great live demonstration of Reason 3 at NAMM 2007.

So, who is Jeremy Ellis? some of you might ask (including me ;)) … He plays the piano since age of 5 and is an excellent vocalist, keyboard and AKAI MPC player who blends elements of funk, jazz, house and electro in his eclectic freestyle live performances … read more here!

Enough talking … just watch the video, it’s top notch!

Update 2: I’ve added some more videos with Jeremy Ellis performing (he’s not human … simply amazing), as well as nice interview about his work and the way he’s using Reason.

Jeremy Ellis, John Arnold and DJ Dez do a live freestyle at Northern Lights Lounge in Detroit:

Jeremy Ellis and John Arnold Live plus some insights into their creative process:

Jeremy Ellis intervied at Propellerhead’s NAMM Booth:

Update 1: The guys at Propellerhead have put together all of their cool videos on Propellerheads YouTube Channel … Now you can watch cool demos, artist interviews, tutorials or previews on Reason … nice one ;)!

Note: If you can’t see this movie then install the Flash Player plugin for your web browser.

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