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Background Ambient (Ambient)


Beautiful and relaxing ambient sountrack for your video projects. Featuring deep and soft piano, chill guitar, soft pad, gentle drum and percussion. This is an atmospheric melody, able to breathe new colors into your project, make it more saturated and memorable. This composition will contribute to the promotion of your project. My Ambient, ideal for projects such as: business presentation, photo submission, history of development, TV, success story, the pursuit of a dream, the presentation of technology and much more! This project has a motivational, inspiring, inspiring, edifying, improving, confirming character!

I’m sure that my music will help you, in the development of your projects!

In the archive is embedded a track in WAV and MP3 formats, high quality!

More created specifically for you works by reference: https://audiojungle.net/user/goldenpanther/portfolio

I hope you will like it! ;)


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