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Blue Piano (Romantic, Sentimental)


Blue Piano

A moving and nostalgic musical trip through our deepest memories and our most beautiful moments!

The storytelling, soft, heartfelt, sensitive, dreamy and mellow piano solo, creates emotional, touching and breathtaking feelings which are ideal for: Film scoring, soundtrack, heart touching love videos, moving and emotional videos, emotionally touching commercial and advertising, movie trailers, romantic films, Valentine’s day videos, drama movies, Timelapse, heartbreaking and emotional films, emotional speeches, slideshows, wedding, “That will make you cry videos”, touching social experiments, sentimental and nostalgic projects and more…


The archive contains 4 versions!

  • “Blue Piano” Main Version (2:42) 
  • “Blue Piano” Short Version 1 (1:33) starts 2:44 in Preview
  • “Blue Piano” Short Version 2 (1:23) starts 4:18 in Preview
  • “Blue Piano” Outro (0:30) starts 5:42 in Preview




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