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Bossa Nova Elevator Music (Latin)


Warm and delicate latin-jazz track. You get Looped track as well (*loop is a repeating section of sound material, so you can make your audio-track as long as you want). Sounds like: bossa nova, elevator music, supermarket music, bossa-nova loop, elevator music loop, elevator door, elevator jazz, bossa-nova jazz, foyer music, hotel lobby music, cafe music, bar music, shopping mall music, shopping center music, latin music, vacation music, relaxation music, spa music, spa relaxation music, hold music, slideshow music, cheesy elevator music, jazz lounge music, jazz lounge, bossa-nova lounge, latin jazz, latin jazz loop, jazz loop, bossa-nova loop.

Bossa Nova Elevator [ time 1:44, tempo 80 bpm ]

Looped Bossa Nova Elevator [ time 1:36 , tempo 80 bpm ]

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