74 in 1 Font Bundle by MediaLab

Broadcast Ident 3 (Individual)


Useful in radio/video broadcasting

Win over your deadlines! Suitable to express many messages and it´s emotions. It´s a “little help” to successfully finish your broadcast logos and idents. Make up your advertisements, or invitations to your events, no matter if in radio or video industry.

Catch attention

On what kind of project are you working now? This audio item is very catchy, so will catch an attention of your listeners or viewers. This item is energic with emotional tone. Do you like the mood? Go on and use it, I will be very happy ;)

Good feeling

Music is about feelings. This item will leave you good and positive feelings. You can listen over and over again let the music motivate you. Even if you won´t listen, you will feel better while whistling to catchy melodies.


This item is looped. With looped parts, there will be no problem to set duration of background music to fit your messages.


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