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Business (Corporate)



This fresh, clean inspirational and uplifting easy corporate music background track. Perfect for corporate explainer and medical presentations, educational videos and corporate interview, corporate business and financial explainers, advertisement and TV commercial, business infographics and home banking advertising, brand company and news, smart home technology advertising, science and invention, voiceover, healthy products and pharmaceutical advertisement, architecture and trade, infographic animations and explainer business videos, technology and education, media project, YouTube, television business advertising and trademark documentaries, web marketing business campaigns and background music for voiceover, podcast and more motivational video productions. This music inspires on new ideas and positive/optimism sets the mood. Easy to cut and loop. Comes with: (Full Version), (Short Version) and (Loop Version_A/B/C) – shorts for your convenience.

Business deal

Zip archive contains

Business (Full Version) – 2:13

Business (Short Version) – 1:23

Business (Loop Version_A) – 0:16

Business (Loop Version_B) – 0:33

Business (Loop Version_C) – 0:33

Delivered in both wave and mp3 format.

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