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Calm Acoustic (Folk, Acoustic)


Song Description:

Calm Acoustic is a sweet, acoustic guitar song with a relaxing melody and hopeful vibes. The song remains calm and in the background.

Suggested Uses:

Sweet nostalgic moments like wedding montages, dreamy moments, sentimental testimonials, marriage picture slideshow, romantic indie film scene, memories with friends, reflective videos and storytelling, powerful commercials, soft and tender moments and memories, gazing at the night sky, tearful, thoughtful, emotional story, interview or testimony, or contemplative adverts with a lot of deep emotional meaning.

Acoustic plucking guitars, grand pianos, lite percussive instruments, glockenspiel or bells, soft high strings.

Purchase Info:

Purchase of Calm Acoustic includes WAV and MP3 files in song download.

You’re listening to music straight out of The Story Shop by Phil Larson!

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