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Celestial Abstract Corporate Audio Logo (Logos & Idents)


This abstract musical logo is really inspiring and conveys a sense of trust and sophistication. This audio logo is perfect for a technology company, IT computing and creative audio branding.

This short audio clip conveys a smart and peaceful feeling, while maintaining sophistication and a wide atmospherical landscape. It is short and sweet, but very deep in the sense of reverb and delay. We have worked on spacialization to give it more depth and a wider sound.

You could use it for your startup, technology company, industrial, saas business, corporate… This audio logo has been designed to match a wide array of industry fields: be it in financial, tech, fintech, e-commerce, design agency, architecture, law, government, research, space…

Feel free to post a comment and reach us out for any request. We would be happy to create variants for this logo that we will post to Audio Jungle, as we do with all our creations.


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