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Chamber Trailer Pack Vol. 1 (Chamber, Small Ensembles)


Chamber Trailer Pack Vol. 1

We present you the Chamber Trailer Pack Vol. 1 for video and film makers, content creators and game developers!

• 3 High Quality inspiring and uplifting orchestral tracks

• 6 minutes of music ready to make your project uplifting and inspiring!

• The pack features our most inspiring chamber orchestra based tracks so far

• Easy for editing and simple to use

• Mp3 and High Quality Wave files for each track

Composed by Rafael Krux.
Production, mixing and mastering: Dual Horns Studio Ltd

Content of the Pack

Epic Chamber Strings Trailer – Length: 2:14
Character: inspiring, uplifting, driving

Inspiring Chamber Trailer – Length: 1:58 (starts at 2:14 in preview)
Character: inspiring, uplifting, epic, playful

Chamber Strings Trailer – Length: 1:40 (starts at 4:16 in preview)
Character: inspiring, epic, cinematic, energetic, uplifting


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