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Chilled Inspired Indie Folk (Motivational)


An uplifting, gentle and free-spirited folk track with a long build featuring piano, guitars, mandolin, hands clapping and background male backing vocals. Free flowing and hopeful, this track is perfect for any project needing freshness and optimism.

Includes wav and mp3 files and an instrumental version at 3:08 in the preview:
Chilled Inspired Indie Folk.mp3 – 3:08
Chilled Inspired Indie Folk.wav – 3:08
Chilled Inspired Indie Folk Instrumental.mp3 – 3:08
Chilled Inspired Indie Folk Instrumental.wav – 3:08

Attn: VideoHive authors!
You may use any of my preview tracks for your projects provided you give my music track a link in your description (like “featuring the music track ‘Chilled Inspired Indie Folk’ by Lovesonic”). Also, please send me an email to let me know about your item so that I can include links to your item in my profile and item descriptions to help promote your project. Thanks! Lovesonic


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