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Cinematic Motivational Creativity Pack (Cinematic)


The Cinematic Motivational Creativity Pack includes 3 beautiful inspiring and motivational upbeat tracks that feature piano, strings, woodwinds, brass, glockenspiel, choir and percussion. Based on catchy and memorable melodies, they have in common a very positive and optimistic feel, with a magical, fantastic and adventurous tone that inspires creativity and motivation, like a sparkle for new ideas.

Perfect for: documentaries, films and short films (fantasy, adventure, romantic), adverts, commercials, animations, time lapses, corporate videos and presentations, nature videos, vlogs, YouTube videos, wedding videos, slideshows, Christmas related projects and any other project that needs highly motivational and exciting to inspire creativity.

This pack includes the following 3 tracks:

  • Brilliant Ideas Uplifting Inspiring Piano2:00 | 1:11 – 0:57 – 0:27 – 0:19
  • Simple Wonders Inspiring Uplifting Piano2:14 | 1:34 – 0:57 – 0:43 – 0:21
  • Wonderful Adventures Cinematic Theme1:53 | 1:07 – 0:57 – 0:36 – 0:16
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