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Clap Percussion (Percussion)


“Clap Percussion” is an upbeat percussion track featuring stomps, claps, snaps, sticks, wood percussion, tambourines and shakers.

Suitable for slideshows, presentations, video projects and footages, advertising, commercials, short films, tutorials, trailers, teasers, explainers, TV, YouTube and more!

The mood of this track is: upbeat, powerful, energetic, extreme, fast, rocking, inspiring, pushing, optimistic, motivating, groovy, rhythmic, modern, emotional.

The zip file contains the following files:

  1. Clap Percussion(main), duration – 1:24;
  2. Clap Percussion [loop A], duration – 0:15;
  3. Claps Percussion [loop B], duration – 0:15.


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