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Classical Ensemble Music Pack (Chamber, Small Ensembles)


classical, traditional, joyful, bright and small ensemble with beautiful staccatissimo strings and woodwinds and classical harpsichord.The composition contains the features of a beautiful landscape, which is combined with a classical and traditional sound.Creating an classical mood with a beautiful and superb gleeful atmosphere and a unique stunning background that complement your project emotional, pleasure, happy amazing classic sound.

Perfect for:

classical, photo presentations, films, adverts, commercials, documentaries, time lapses, broadcast, TV, background , videogames, applications, visuals, promotions, radio, media, youtube, videoblog, animation and many other projects !


  • Classical Piano & Strings – Main Version (1:03)

  • Classical Small Ensemble – Main Version (1:05)

  • Classical Ensemble Scerzo – Main Version (1:09)

  • If you want to purchase several tracks at a discount of 50%. I recommend buying music packs.So you save money and get the necessary tracks for your projects.

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  • Motivate Dramatic Adventure Music Pack (50% discount)
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