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Commercial Reason Refills – The BIG List

Since I’m always interested in what new reason refills are on the market I thought it will be useful thing to have something like a list of all reason refills that were created for Reason 4, integrating also sounds for the new THOR synthesizer or the new devices RPG-8 and ReGroove.

If you know any other ones, please let me know and I’ll add them here đŸ˜‰

List with all Commercial Reason Refills for Reason 4
(no particular order)
Nucleus SoundLab Filter Research

Filter Research is a new patch set now available from Nucleus SoundLab for Reason 4 which can help you add some new effects to Propellerhead Reason. Filter Research takes the modular format of the Reason Combinator, and harnesses it to create new, and truly unique effects devices. A huge variety of different effects are included: dual-filter boxes, granular glitch-machines, self-vocoding devices, huge fixed-filter banks, and crossfaded formants are just some of what you’ll find inside. All are created from scratch and with the care and attention Nucleus SoundLab is known for. These Combinators are especially organized by effect type so you can find the type of sound you are looking for quickly. Then, by adding a Filter Research Combinator to a simple loop or sequence, you can create something very different, and cutting-edge.
PLEASE NOTE: This Reason Refill is compatible with Reason 4+ Only.

Nucleus SoundLab Filter Research
Download Filter Research Demo Reason Refill (1.4 Mb)

Nucleus SoundLab Filter Research features:

  • 192 Combinators included, authored by a variety of designers – Jeremy Janzen, Tom Pritchard, Nick Hutton, Shaun Wallace and Jacob Hargrave.
  • All Combinators created from scratch – except for 10 Planar Filters based on the same template.
  • Each Combinator has all 4 knobs/buttons uniquely assigned.

Full version available for $34.95 CAD ; More info and audio demos: Nucleus SoundLab

PrimeLoops Essential Reason Synths

Beef things up a bit with this new Reason Refill containing modern, up-to-date synth sounds for the Subtractor and Malstrom. In this Refill you will be exposed to 431 expertly created synth patches for instant injection into your music production. Amongst the multitude of new sounds, you will find dedicated folders containing…big phat nasty sub-bass synths, massive leads, sawing synths, sonic synth percussion, heavenly pads, cosmic sound effects, heart-racing rhythmic synths, polysynths, mono synths, and much, much more!
PLEASE NOTE: This Reason Refill is compatible with Reason 4+ Only.

PrimeLoops Essential Reason Synths
Download Essential Reason Synths Demo Reason Refill (0.1 Mb)

PrimeLoops Essential Reason Synths ReFill features:

  • 431 Malstrom and Subtractor Patches

Full version available for £14.95 GBP / 18.95 EUR / 26.25 USD ; More info and audio demos: PrimeLoops

digitalStock Media Ambientia Reason Refill 2.0

Ambient and textural explorations – This ReFill harnesses the power of Thor, RPG-8, and the Combinator, and has been specifically created for Reason 4.0. You’ll find lush ambient textures and beautiful pads for creating incredible beds in your music. There are also a good selection of leads, layered and rhythmic synths which work in harmony with these textures and pads.
New in version 2.0 update: 65 new combinator patches and new lower price.

digitalStock Media Ambientia Reason Refill
Download Essential Reason Synths Demo (0.2 Mb)

Ambientia ReFill features:

  • 165 Combinator Patches: Leads, Pads, Rhythmic
  • 75 Malstrom Patches
  • 35 Subtractor Patches
  • 75 Thor Patches

More info, availability and audio demos: digitalStock Media

Bitword Expanse Reason Refill

EXPANSE is a collection of multi-sampled 24bit waveforms that can be played as instruments, used as drones, or to create tonal beds. Some touching on the traditional, others exploring the surreal or etherial, but never too close to the mundane, and never too far away that they loose the listeners connection. Custom built Combinator patches allow for expressive control over the timbre, envelope, space, motion, and other variables in relation to the structure of the patch. The goal of this library was to create illustrative timbres that inspire their presence in the users compositions.

Bitword Expanse Reason Refill

Expanse Reason Refill features:

  • 1 gigabyte of 24bit multisamples
  • 145 Combinator Patches divided into Fast Attack, Slow Attack and Variant categories
  • 133 NN-XT Instrument Patches divided into

Full version available for $89 USD; more info and audio demos: Bitword

Lapjockey Flatpack 3 Reason Refill

Taking full advantage of Thor, RPG-8, and the enhanced Combinator, FP3 is tailor-made for Reason 4. You’ll find advanced drum machines and groove boxes, lush texture and pad generators, and hybrid synths of unprecedented clarity and depth.

Lapjockey Flatpack 3

Flatpack 3 features:

  • Thor INIT sounds: Starter patches for classis synthesis;
  • Custom created Combinator Instruments: Boxmoor II, Element, Darwin, REX DEX II
  • 300+ Combinator Patches
  • 175 Thor Patches
  • 220+ REX Loops
  • 30 Redrum Kits
  • 440+ Drum Samples
  • 100+ NN19 Patches

Full version available for 63 EUR / 99 USD; more info and audio demos: Lapjockey

Trackteam Thunderbox 01 Reason Refill

With its virtually endless Modulation Options, numerous performance parameters on offer, and limitless routing options, Thor was Built with Tweak-ability and real-time manipulation in mind. This collection is perfect for synthesists of all skill levels – Practical and Clever combinator mappings allow Beginners to easily synthesize new and exciting sounds, while Thunderbox’s creative CV routing and modulation techniques will inspire Advanced Programmers to no end.

Trackteam Thunderbox 01
Download Thunderbox 01 Combi Demo Reason Refill (0.12 Mb)

THNDRBX features 100 Combinator instruments with thunderous basses, lightning like leads, big bottomless basses, mesmerizing pads and tantalizing textures.
Full version available for 17 EUR / 25 USD; more info and audio demos: Trackteam Audio

Reasonbanks PROTON3 Reason Refill

PRO.TON3 gives you a wide range of rich analogue sounds and a unique combination of power and flexibility extensively using the specific features of Combinator and NN-XT advanced sampler. This is not a traditional refill, it’s more like a virtual analogue synthesizer that exploits the full power of Reason using short analogue waveforms (saw, square, etc.) as building blocks in NN-XT advanced sampler.

Reasonbanks PROTON3 Reason Refill
Download PROTON3 Reason Demo Sounds (16.8 Mb, RPS File)

PRO.TON3 features:

  • Combinator bank: 118 patches in 6 categories
  • NN-XT Bank: 410 patch in 9 categories
  • NN-XT raw layers: 273 patches, variations of oscillators for creating new synth sounds
  • NN-19 Bank: 153 patches, for compatibility reason
  • multisamples: 1457 perfectly looped wav files

Full version available for 27 EUR / 43 USD; more info and audio demos: Resonbanks

Luftrum Ambient Thor Patches 1 Reason Refill

A must-have for ambient producers this refill contains minimalistic and beatless soundscapes, ambient pads and subtle atmospheres, enhanced with 10 signature patches by Deepspace.

Luftrum Ambient Thor Patches 1 Reason Refill

Ambient Thor Patches 1 features 66 Thor patches falling under the following categories: 22 Ambient Pads, 10 Deepspace Signature Patches, 10 Textured Soundscapes, 6 Sleeping Drones, 6 Lead Synths, 5 Sounds of Nature, 4 Famous Ambient Classics, 3 Sequenced Atmospheres.
Full version available for 8 EUR / 12 USD; more info and audio demos: Luftrum Music

Luftrum Ambient Thor Patches 2 Reason Refill

With an exclusive selection of ambient pads, sleeping drones and textured soundscapes Luftrum 2 is taking Thor to a level yet unheard … Whether you produce deep cryo-sleeping ambient, experimental IDM or beatless space drone music, this refill is guaranteed to inspire your sound.

Luftrum Ambient Thor Patches 2 Reason Refill

Ambient Thor Patches 2 features 69 Thor patches falling under the following categories: 38 Ambient Pads, 16 Textured Soundscapes, 8 Minimalistic Lead Synths, 7 Sleeping Drones.
Full version available for 8 EUR / 12 USD; more info and audio demos: Luftrum Music

Nucleus SoundLab Viral Outbreak Reason Refill

Soundware product based on the sounds of the Virus* TI hardware synthesizer containing classic wavetables, raw saw and pulse waveforms (sampled at multiple pulsewidths), unison dance leads, breathtaking pads, bizarre formant effects, massive supersaws and even punchy synth drumkits

Nucleus SoundLab Viral Outbreak Refill
Download Viral Outbreak Demo Reason Refill (registration required, 75.9 Mb)

Viral Outbreak Refill features:

  • Nearly 2GB compressed in Refill format! (contains the exact same samples as the VSTi)
  • 235 unique Reason Combinators included by a variety of talented Reason sound designers included Adam Fielding, Tom Pritchard, Nick Hutton and Shaun Wallace.
  • Large variety of additional individual patches for Reason’s modules.
  • Programmed for Reason 4, and as such makes good use of Thor and RPG-8.
  • Beautiful Viral-themed Combinator backdrop by Danny from SGX Music

Full version available for 63 EUR / 99 USD; more info and audio demos: Nucleus SoundLab

Point Zero Productions Reason 4 Refill

This refill is completely synthesis based, no samples used, all patches based on reason’s own internal synthesis. Containing new lush pads, wild fx, atmospheres, percussions, arps, rhythmic patches, deep basses, unique leads, stabs, chords and complex new sounds. It contains over 3100 patches from which 1500 new and exiting patches mainly focusing on new THOR patches and Combinator patches, as well as 1600 patches adapted from their previous PZP Reason 3 Refill.

Point Zero Productions Reason 4 Refill
Download Point Zero Productions Reason 4 Demo Refill (6.4 Mb)

Full version available for 43 EUR / 68 USD; more info and audio demos: Point Zero Productions

Klangvisionen Atmospheric Pads 3 Reason Refill

Primarily based on the Thor synthesizer, this refill provides a new generation of pad sounds in the Atmospheric Pad series. The ReFill contains 80 combinator patches and more than 60 thor patches: 46 pads, 5 soundscape, 16 synth fx, 9 other synth, 4 patches with recorded sounds (birds, waterfall, trainstation, …). Also a combinator template is provided to create your own sounds.

Klangvisionen Atmospheric Pads 3
Download Atmospheric Pads 3 Demo Reason Refill (0.54Mb).

Full version available for 32 EUR / 50 USD; more info and audio demos: Klangvisionen

eXode Mjolnir Reason Refill

eXode has programed 500 Thor patches that include: impressive simulations vintage analogue synths like ARP, Moog, Oberheim, Prophet and Yamaha, modern sounds like trance bass and leads, lush and ethereal pads. There are also 50 Combinator patches built on split and/or layered Thor patches including some stereopads.

eXode Mjolnir Reason Refill
Download eXode FREE Mjolnir Reason Refill (registration required, 0.1Mb)

Mjolnir Reason Refill features:

  • 500 Thor patches: 150 Bass, 16 FX, 138 Lead, 100 Pad and 96 Poly (Keyboard) patches
  • 50 Combinator patches

Full version is available for 37 EUR / 59 USD; more info and audio demos: PowerFX

Sonic Flavours bitBUMPER deLuxe Reason Refill

It still sounds cool, adventurous, nostalgically warm and noisy at the same time. bitBUMPER deluxe is the long awaited Reason 4 upgrade of BitBumper, the ultimate 4 and 8 bit Pandora Box filled with hundreds of low bit surprises. Lots of patches go through Thor’s fine stereo filter 3 section and we’ve added 30 very inspiring “live looping” combinator patches making use of rex files and the RPG-8.

Sonic Flavours bitBUMPER deluxe
Download bitBUMPER deLuxe Demo Reason Refill (23.7 Mb)

bitBUMPER deluxe features:

  • 230+ combinators containing keys, pads, basses, lead sounds, FX, drums, bleeps, noises and percussion
  • 40 scream patches helping you to lo-fi your sound
  • 30 RPG-8 controlled rex loop patches, great for live gigs!
  • 400 unique low bit samples
  • 130+ NNXT patches
  • 100 Rex loops

Full version available for 58 EUR / 92 USD; more info and audio demos: Sonic Flavours

Sonic Flavours Red Mouse meets Thor Reason Refill
Sonic Flavours Red Mouse meets Thor
Download Red Mouse meets Thor Demo Reason Refill (5.7 Mb)

Red Mouse meets Thor features:

  • Character, Atmosphere and Surprise are its main keywords. Red Mouse Meets Thor is for Reason 4 and higher.
  • Over 150 fresh Thor patches put into folders named: bass, bells, FX, keyboards, leads, pads, percussion, poly synths and sequences.
  • Over 100 combinator patches covering Thor and the RPG-8
  • Suitable for many styles but with a slight focus on analog sound characters.
  • This refill is an add-on and belongs to our Red Mouse Workstation, but it can be used separately!

Full version available for 42 EUR / 66 USD; more info and audio demos: Sonic Flavours

Sonic Flavours Mystic Dream Pads 6 Reason Refill

The main themes for this refill are dreams, space atmos, analog sound sculpturing and going back to the early age of sampling when Fairlight, Emulator and Synclavier were considered as being the ultimate magic music machines.

Sonic Flavours Mystic Dream Pads 6
Download Mystic Dream Pads 6 Demo Reason Refill (22.6 Mb).

Mystic Dream Pads 6 features:

  • Over 150 combinator patches
  • 28 tutorial RNS files covering the possibilities of MDP 06 – Dream State
  • Over 400 mb’s of samples
  • NNXT and Malstrom are spotlighted with almost 200 patches
  • Wonderful and inspiring RPG-8 combinators
  • New spacious settings for the RV7000
  • One Thor patch and one Subtractor patch!

Full version is available for 42 EUR / 66 USD, more info and audio demos: Sonic Flavours

Sonic Flavours Mystic Dream Pads 5 Reason Refill

MDP05 has been fully dedicated to Thor and its sonic capabilities. Thor adds its very own distinctive character to this dream pads collection and apart from being beautiful and unique this character is extremely versatile and rich.

Sonic Flavours Mystic Dream Pads 5
Download Mystic Dream Pads 5 Demo Reason Refill (1.9 Mb)

Mystic Dream Pads 5 features: over 130 combinator patches that can be found in 8 different folders: Ambient, Bright, Conventional Pads, FX & Experimental, Miscellaneous, Old MDP Reminiscence, Rhythmic, Single Finger Chords.
Full version available for 42 EUR / 66 USD; more info and audio demos: Sonic Flavours

Pending Reason Refills:

As you can see we are not promoting only Kreativ Sounds soundware, you can see that there are many great reason refills out there, and there is no reason for you not to choose the ones that really fits you style ;).

From time to time I will update this list with new arrivals. I hope you enjoy the reason refills you decide to buy some of them. Also if you are reason refill producer or you know some other reason refills created for Reason 4 please contact me. Thanks!

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