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Corporate Inspirational (Motivational)


This is Inspiring and uplifting background corporate track with presentative mood.

This track perfect for: Presentations, corporate videos, successful and business videos, TV commercial, radio commercials, advertising and marketing videos, web advertisements, websites, podcasts, broadcasts, games, applications, slideshows, films, documentaries, travel videos, for YouTube or Vimeo videos and more. Professional and modern corporate instrumental background music for your presentations, corporate and business videos, advertising and marketing videos, for commercial projects and more.

Instruments used:

Guitar harmonics, bass, piano, chord, arco strings, drums, many percussion and motivating strings.

  • Full Version – 02:23, from 00:00
  • Short Version – 01:21, from 02:23
  • Loop A – 01:01, from 03:45
  • Loop B – 00:30, from 04:47
  • Loop C – 00:15, from 05:18
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