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Cyber Grunge Teaser Logo (Individual)



Cyber Grunge Teaser Logo is…

– a dark, brutal and epic sounding logo opener, in the style of modern hybrid film trailer scores by Two Steps from Hell, Hans Zimmer, Brian Tyler, Jukka Rintamäki and Johan Skugge. Clocking in at the teaser perfect duration of 30 seconds, this tense cinematic intro is designed as a buildup of tension, gore and violence, based on four distorted mega braam alarm hits, alternated with low sub-bass percussion hit and pulse and insane glitch risers and swooshes, reaching a point of maximum energy and horror. A few final hits punctuate the brand or title promoted, deep impact style. An atmosphere of mystery and danger, suitable for technology advertising, a sci-fi blockbuster and for action thriller, is created. The sound is raw and distorted, keeping things harsh and antihero unpolished.

Useful as…

– music for motion picture advertising and trailer, as well as for video game revealer and production. It’s suitable for credits, titles and endings, commercial and promo and other forms of media entertainment advertising. It will take your After Effects projects and openers to the next level (so VideoHive authors help yourself to the preview!). It would work great in shooter, hack and slash, horror or adventure game, cop and terrorist plots, as well as epic final battle between Good and Evil, men and zombie and other apocalyptic scenarios. The deep electronic elements and effects send this hybrid score cue into science fiction territory, becoming the perfect title music for the next superhero epic saga, or jungle mission for secret agents fighting warlords and villains. As a bonus, you can use it for creative advertising and promos dealing with extreme sports, bodybuilding, sportswear, car racing or cyber security technology.

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