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Dance Now (Lounge)


Inspirational EDM Lounge track. A vocal and instrumental edit. We mixed our vocals into a completely new track. You can use it perfectly as background, movie or video music. The song has a lot of instruments, piano, bass, beats, strings, synths, pads and pluck instruments. The song has also many harmony vocals and a male lead voice singing. The track has great build-up and end-play, with piano, beast, and synths.

In the preview, the first part is the vocal edit till 05:23. On 5:25 till the end is the instrumental version.

It’s just anything about you, I give you everything, baby, you’re all I want, before the music ends, before the sun comes up, move your body, dance now., dance now, dance now, dance now, dance with me.

This melodic track is great for video music, movie music, lounge bars, and chilled people. The singer is from Los Angeles and sang for us the EDM track.


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