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Dark Epic Trailer (Suspense, Dark)


Intensive and dramatic epic orchestral track. With two additional intro versions.
Perfect for commercials, epic trailer, mystical and blockbuster trailer, historical films, intense and suspenseful projects, intense climactic videos, movie trailers, mysterious videos, video game trailer, YouTube videos and more

Featured instruments:
Big Drums, Brass, Choir, Epic Percussion, Orchestral Percussion, Strings Ensemble, Strings Staccato, Big Impacts

3 versions included:
Main – 1:05 – WAV / MP3
Intro1 – 0:39 – WAV / MP3
Intro2 – 0:30 – WAV / MP3

To Videohive authors:
Feel free to use this track in your video project. Just make sure to include a link to my track in your description and send me an email so I can update my item description with the link to your item.

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