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Pay What You Wish – Bussines Model

In the summer of 2008 Kreativ Sounds team has made a crucial decision for his business model.

In software world / on the internet there are two primarily types of software distribution:
– the Free Software Foundation which basically believes the all software should be free.
– the paid software groups, started by Microsoft, which basically believes that software should be paid.

In the recent years a new approach to software distribution has emerged, and that is donation-ware, giving the possibility to let the customer decide what the software is worth.

How cool is this ?!

We had the idea to do the same for sounds. Kreativ Sounds has opened the coolest and the first sounds shop where anyone can pay for sounds as much or as little as desired. You decide how much / little you want to pay!

We think this method of payment is great for:
– people with lower budget: audio hobbyists, enthusiasts and the next big selling artists;
– people that want to decide for them self how much the sounds are worth: established artists and producers.

How it works?
1. Browse the sounds, listen to the audio demos and if you like what you hear click on the “Pay What You Wish” button.
2. You are transported to a PayPal page where you can specify how much you want to pay.
3. We DO NOT accept payments lower than 1 EURO (Paypal has a 3.4% + 0.35 EUR fee, so from 1 EURO we receive about 0.60 EURO). Thanks for understanding!
4. Once the payment is completed you will receive an email with the link to the product(s). This process is not automated (for now), so it may take some time (max. 24h)

Please, come on in and do some shopping! Thanks!

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