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Electro Swing (Life Is For Living-Remix) (Swing)


Thanks for checking out this cool Electro Swing remix of my popular ukulele jazz track Life Is For Living. It features real ukuleles, claps and percussion, trumpet samples, fused with jazz beats and EDM drums, synths, glitch fx and risers fused together to form an infectious groove which will add a touch of “cool” to your visual projects.

This track is ideal for projects about fashion, fitness, dance, culture, food and travel, or jazz and swing music (particularly Electro Swing genre), and great for projects where you would like to convey a modern twist on a vintage subject. It has a happy, upbeat, jolly, and energetic mood, full of freshness, youth, and vitality. Also works for cool, stylish, sophisticated, suave and sexy moods, and has a French, gypsy jazz mood about it.

For your convenience, I have also provided some straight cuts of the track, as seamless loops, and an ending, so you can make custom arrangements. Let me know if you have any questions in that respect.

Here’s what’s in the zip:

1. Full main track 1:53 (wav&mp3) (0-1:53 on preview)
2. Short verse loop 0:07 (wav) (0:09- 0:16 on the preview)
3. Longer verse loop with splash cymbal 0:15 (wav) (0:02-0:17 on preview)
4. Trumpet and bass verse loop 0:15 (wav) (1:16-1:31 on preview)
5. Ident/ending section 0:18 (wav&mp3) (1:31-1:50 on preview)



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