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Electronic Art Submission (Downtempo)


A electronic cinematic track with beatitfull distortion electric ambient guitar, piano, glitch elements, retro synth bass & sounds, FX sounds / swoosh / 8 bit / bleeb sounds, rising synth sounds. Guiding by a deep sub bass syth alarm. 5 Versions for variation easy to cut copy on different points.

Perfect for: art projects, design process videos, cinematic, game overviews, drone footage, vlogs, movies, movie trailer, games, film & videogame, commercials, slideshows, Sci-Fi, web videos, info-graphics, documentaries, macro and micro, futuristic scientific tech, interface, mysterious abstract technology, nature, biotechnology, soundscape.

This item includes 5 versions in (wav & mp3) for variation
– Main Mix (2:27)
– Alternative Mix 1 (1:52) intro starting with electric guitar.
– Alternative Mix 2 (1:52) longer build up intro.
– No Beat Mix (1:51)
– Alternative Mix 3 (1:51) cleaner mix -no FX sounds, swoosh, 8 bit sounds.

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