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Electronic Technological Ambient (Electronic)


Electronic Technological Ambient is futuristic technological electronic lounge ambient track with synth sequence, synth arpeggio, smooth cloud pads, glitches, electronic percussion, bass and rhythm section for your technology sci-fi space ambient projects. Sounds modern and futuristic, calm and soft, mellow and organic, innovative and atmospheric. Associated with future, sci-fi, gadgets, working mechanisms, robots, technologies, space, light, machines, Hi-Tech, innovations, inventions, relaxation, lounge.

Great as background music for technologic presentation, sci-fi videos, gadget review, interview, motivational montage, commercial infographics, time lapse clips, inspirational projects, short clips, youtube videos, soundtracks, presentation videos, TV-shows, cinema production, advertising, commercials, movie, games, trailers, radio, presentations, promotions, etc.

In addition to main version you also get 3 loop versions that makes track very variable!

    Zip pack contains:

  1. Electronic Technological Ambient (full version): 2:43
  2. Electronic Technological Ambient (loop version 1): 0:19
  3. Electronic Technological Ambient (loop version 2): 0:19
  4. Electronic Technological Ambient (loop version 3): 0:19

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