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Elegant (Romantic, Sentimental)


Elegant – sentimental, cinematic, emotional, romantic and inspiring background music track. Perfect for advertising, wedding videos, nature, family video, romantic and love video, films, trailers, teasers and more.

This track features 5 versions for extra versatility and usability:
1. Main version – 2:05 (starts at the beginning of the preview)
2. Powerful version – 1:22 (starts at 2:08 in the preview)
3. Short version – 1:03 (starts at 3:32 in the preview)
4. Piano version – 0:24 (starts at 4:38 in the preview)
5. Without drums version – 2:05 (starts at 5:05 in the preview)

WAV and MP3 versions included.


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