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Energetic Upbeat Rock (Rock)


This upbeat rock track opens up with a very energetic rhythm, payed by guitars and drums, simple and catchy from the first moment. Then, a strong beat with stomps and claps bring more confidence and power to this music.
It is driving and edgy modern rock music blended with some cool synth patterns.
This fast and energetic and powerful music is an excellent choice for motivational, extreme and sport videos, games, backgrounds, films, youtube, tv advertisements, action movies, trailers, commercials and visuals.

Included files

This track features 4 versions for extra versatility and usability :

Normal version (2:08)
Short version (1:11)
Ultra short version (0:43)
Loopable version (1:54)

each version available in mp3 and wave
each version is in the demo


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