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Epic (Dramatic, Action, Adventure)


Epic Cinematic 

This Epic Cinematic is Inspirational Powerful Orchestral Cinematic for your Epical projects. The mood of the track is Epic Motivational. Used instruments: piano, staccato violins, electric guitar, orchestral drums, horns, choir, inspirational overtones, sub bass, rises and hits.

Music is great for: epic commercials, adventure films, cinematic trailers, presentation, advertising, games and much more.

Sounds and Style:  Epic Music, Epic Cinematic, Dramatic, Epic Uplifting, Epic Inspire, Motivational Cinematic, Motivational Orchestral, Motivational Epic, Epic Music and Powerful, Epic Action, Inspiring Motivational, Motivational Music.

Included 5 versions of different length (in order as shown in preview):

  • Epic | Main [1:50]
  • Epic | Main Long [2:05]
  • Epic | Medium [1:03]
  • Epic | Short 1 [0:50]
  • Epic | Short 1 [0:31]

Your wanna different alternative version? Feel free to contact me for any extraversion just email me via the form on the main page of my profile! I will try to help to you!

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