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Epic Landscape Flight (Dramatic, Action, Adventure)



Epic Landscape Flight is uplifting, inspiring and emotional spacious trailer music with exciting piano, epic symphonic orchestra, solo violin and FXes. The track was produced in commercial timing standard for your comfort while making projects. It is great cinematic background music to set an airy, inspiring and uplifting mood in your projects like cinematic trailers, youtube videos, teasers, inspirational and motivational videos, advertising etc. Epic Landscape Flight is great for nature landscape videos, drone flight over nature or mountains videos, documentary and travel films.

The track is starting by quite silent warm piano arpeggios and gradually expanding. Then the main majestic and epic theme is starting. It is playing by piano, ostinato strings, double basses, giant percussion and cinematic strikes, rises and other sound FX’s. In the middle the violin is playing the airy spacious emotional solo. In the end of the track there is the breakdown playing by soft warm piano with very emotional and uplifting mood.

There are 4 versions in the .zip file:

  1. Epic Landscape Flight (full) – full version, 3:08 (0:00-3:08 in the preview)
  2. Epic Landscape Flight (1 min) – 1 minute version, 1:00 (3:08-4:08 in the preview)
  3. Epic Landscape Flight (2 min) – 2 minutes version, 2:00 (4:10-6:10 in the preview)
  4. Epic Landscape Flight (30 sec) – 30 seconds version, 0:30 (6:11-6:41 in the preview)

Both WAV and MP3 versions of the track are included in the download package.


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