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Epic Motivational Trailer (Dramatic, Action, Adventure)


Cinematic score with an epic vibe for adventure projects, action film or movie, motivation or triumphant videos.
It engage audience with it’s powerful cinematic feel, epic atmosphere and heroic adventure vibe.
Orchestral strings, brass, building structure and brave vibe creates epic Hollywood blockbuster feel.
This energetic cinematic vibe with heroic feel will set the tone for any adventure videos or motivational action movies.
Track Mood & Features:
Mood: cinematic music, epic and powerful, dramatic and triumphant.
Features: percussion, orchestral instruments, strings and brass, intense motivation vibe.
Suited For…
It’s undeniably epic and heroic theme, this could provide a great background track for a wide range of project work including:

  • Epic opener trailer
  • Victory intro projects
  • Adventure youtube videos
  • Sports motivational slideshow or presentation
  • Triumphant projects
  • Epic battle game soundtrack
  • Action film and much more!

‘Epic Motivational Trailer’ includes:

  • Epic Motivational Trailer – 2:09
  • Epic Mix – 1:21, (2:09 in preview).
  • Building Mix – 0:54, (3:30 in preview).
  • Short Mix – 0:33, (4:24 in preview).
  • Loop – 0:23, (4:57 in preview).


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