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Epic Movie Sentimental Relief (Dramatic, Action, Adventure)



Epic, inspirational, motivational

This is a dramatic and emotive mid tempo orchestral track.
It begins with a slow and gentle intro then develops into a full range epic cinematic soundtrack with big drums, powerful brass, dramatic strings, modern Hollywood style effects, heroic melody.
This dramatic music is filled with hope and a positive emotional vibe, it conveys confidence, inspires and motivates.
It has motivational, uplifting feel that would settle in beautifully as a backing track to a wide spectrum of media projects such as sport videos, extreme sports, adverts, corporate, slideshows, presentations, show reels etc.

Ingredients: Orchestra, Epic Drums, Cinematic effects

includes 5 versions:

  1. Epic Movie Sentimental Relief – Main Track            (2:14)
  2. Epic Movie Sentimental Relief – Drums version      (2:14)     
  3. Epic Movie Sentimental Relief – Short version        (1:20)               
  4. Epic Movie Sentimental Relief – Ident version         (0:40)
  5. Epic Movie Sentimental Relief – Logo version         (0:24)      

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