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Epic Music Pack (Cinematic)


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Epic Music Pack consists of three Epic tracks and its versions.

1. The Epic (2 versions):
“The Epic” is useful as background music for movie trailers, teasers or drone videos presentation. Instruments: Piano, Powerful epic drums, Orchestral strings, Brass, Woodwind, Percussion and Choir.
Full version: 3:00
Short version: 2:05

2. Epic (2 versions):
Epic, heroic, triumphant and powerful orchestral perfect for movie trailers, video games and media projects where need an epic music. This song starts with rhythmic strings in a calm atmosphere, evolves into a tense and exciting large orchestra with powerful horns, epic percussion, drums, electric guitars and soprano, ends with a peaceful moment.
Full version: 2:54
Short version: 1:53

3. Epic Adventure (3 versions):
“Epic Adventure” is a powerful and emotional cinematic song combining intense percussion with emotional violins, piano and an angelic choir. A very complex state of mind designed for heroic movie trailers, soundtracks, games and YouTube video presentations. The composition also includes staccato strings, brass section and woodwinds.
Full version: 3:02
Medium version: 1:12
Short version: 0:39

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