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Epicness Action Trailer Music (Dramatic, Action, Adventure)


Epicness Action Trailer Music

A powerful, dramatic, dynamic, epical and inspiring cinematic orchestral soundtrack with power drums and rock hybrid elements for intense trailers, adventure Hollywood films, motivational presentations and promotional projects.

Inspiratinal and proud music perfect for epic commercias, travel video background, sports achievements, discovery, video game teaser, promo video, opener, historical film, fantasy, success story, heroic and superheroes movie, marketing campaign, military and war, nature timelapse, corporate presentation, ending and much more!

Instruments: strings, piano, powerful brass, epic drums, rock overdrive guitars, energetic orchestra percussion, impacts, cinematic hybrid sound effects.

This item contains 3 versions for extra versatility and usability:

  • Main version (2:10)
  • Short version (0:57)
  • Shortest version (0:33)


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