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Extreme Heavy Metal (Hard Rock, Metal)


action, aggressive, alternative, brutal, commercial, drive, electro guitar, extreme, guitar, hard,

heavy, heavy metal, intro, logo, adrenaline, man, metal, military, overdrive, power,

powerful, riff, rock, short, sport, strong, games, workout, energetic, driving


Item Description

This heavy and powerful metal background music excelent choice for sport video, games reviews, extreme and action motion video and other cool stuff.
It has a dense live drums, bass and overloaded guitars with cool swing rhythm.
Additional versions are included in the archive: perfect if you need short a logo or entryopening theme in video.

Archive includes (order of items like in previev):

1. Main version Extreme Heavy Metal – 1:41 [0:00 – 1:41]

2. Extreme Heavy Metal short version – 0:34 [1:44 – 2:18]

3. Extreme Heavy Metal logo version – 0:13 [2:21 – 2:34]

4. Extreme Heavy Metal loop version – 1:06 [2:37 – 3:44]

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