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Full of Love & Bliss Romantic (Romantic, Sentimental)


Full of Love & Bliss Romantic is a meditative, atmospheric, romantic, light and tranquil ambient piano and cinematic track with a gentle electronic and orchestral (strings and flute) instruments. This track has a very relaxing, airy, kind, serene, quiet and blissful mood and atmosphere. You will feel happiness, blissfulness and hopefulness after listening this track. This delicate and elegant composition is ideal as a love theme for a movies, films, TV series and documentary.

Perfect as a background music for a peaceful, meditative, kind, inspirational and positive movies, films, motion picture, romantic film, romantic TV series, blockbuster, documentary, videos, soundtracks, TV-shows, cinema production, movie trailers, teasers, computer games, console games, advertising, presentations, clips, iPhone / iPad / android apps, social media project, commercials, radio, promotions, You Tube and website videos etc.

WAV and MP3 in ZIP.

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