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Fun Happy Sunny Pack (Children’s)


A collection of 3 upbeat acoustic adventure songs featuring ukulele, acoustic guitars, melodic bells, happy whistles and saxophone which combine to add a playful and positive atmosphere to your personal and professional projects!

Perfect for TV Show, Advertising, Presentation, Extreme And Sport Videos, Background Music, Teaser, Slow Motion Video, Timelapse, Slideshow, Opener, Vlog, Promotion, Video Game, etc.

Includes the following MP3 & WAV zip tracks:

  1. Ukulele Samba 2:31

    • (Short Version 1) 1:11
    • (Short Version 2) 0:41

  2. Tropical Paradise 2:32

    • (Short Version 1) 1:03
    • (Short Version 2) 0:43

  3. Smile of the Sun 1:21


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