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fxPointAudio NuBi LE

fxPointAudio NuBi LE is an excellent drawbar organ simulator featuring adjustable tonewheel and key clicks after just like the original Hammond organs.

fxPointAudio NuBi LE - Hammond Organ Simulator

fxPointAudio NuBi LE Download

fxPointAudio NuBi LE – B3 Organ Simulator for Win
fxPointAudio NuBi LE – B3 Organ Simulator Manual

fxPointAudio NuBi LE Features

  • A Drawbar Organ clone with pure-virtual tonewheels
  • 75-note range (standard 61 pitches + added low octave+2 extra high notes)
  • 9 “standard” drawbars
  • 3 scale modes – includes legacy gear tuning
  • Adjustable Tonewheel Foldback Frequency
  • 2 independent percussion voices with 4 mode algorithms
  • Advanced algorithm, adjustable Key Click level on Attack and Release
  • Fully configurable vibrato/chorus
  • Zipper-less expression pedal support via MIDI CC# 11
  • Very low CPU usage
  • No Leslie sim – use your favorite or use Spinner LE

IMO, NuBi Organ truly demonstrates that you can make software organs capture the true original organ sounds that Hammond made history with. Give it a try, you’ll not regret it 😉

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