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Game Win (Sound Packs)


Game Win is a wonderful package of sound effects for any projects, games, animations, infographics, videos and programs. Sfx Game Win is represented by 12 samples of the sound effect. These are brilliant bells with different fade and reverb. Fx Game Win An easy and pleasant sound effect that attracts attention at the right moment of events. Game Win is prepared for quick work and use. Game Win used for messages, email, sound notification, ringtone, smartphone, iPhone, iPad, Android, sms, web, animation, intro, outro, logos, trailers, social networks, blogs, games, title, text, slideshows, videos, transitions, movies, background, advertising, ads, reports, internet, internet applications, educational videos, educational films and videos, radio, television, news programs, theatrical productions and performances, Youtube, Vimeo, show, representation, holidays,Motion Videos, After Effects, 3d graphics, etc. As an element of infographic, flat animation, menus, advertisements, slideshows, videos, movies or other interactive programs and applications.

MP3 and WAV files included in ZIP. wave (44.1kHz/16bit) & mp3 (320 kbps) 01. Game Win 1 (0:01) 02. Game Win 2 (0:01) 03. Game Win 3 (0:01) 04. Game Win 4 (0:01) 05. Game Win 5 (0:05) 06. Game Win 6 (0:05) 07. Game Win 7 (0:05) 08. Game Win 8 (0:05) 09. Game Win 9 (0:04) 10. Game Win 10 (0:04) 11. Game Win 11 (0:04) 12. Game Win 12 (0:04) Total playing time, sfx Game Win 0:40

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