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Good bye 2007, welcome 2008

A little late, but … Happy New Year everyone! I want wish to all our costumers and visitors a full of happy moments and very successful 2008!

About a year ago we launched a the new Kreativ Sounds. Now it’s time to draw a line and see some stats:

  • in 2007 our products were downloaded almost 50.000 times, of which BASStard Lite has almost 24.000 downloads, followed by PROWaves Lite with 12.000 downloads;
  • there are currently 38 articles and 130 comments, contained within 17 categories;
  • akismet has protected our site from 21,388 spam comments;
  • the most popular page was of course the downloads page, followed by basstard lite page and propellerheads reason 4 page;
  • another nice addition to Kreativ Sounds is the search reason refills engine (powered by google) which performed more than 1200 searches. In 2008 we plan for it more improvements and more accuracy in the results;
  • in 2007 we had 75.000 unique visitors, while in 2006 we had 85.000 unique visitors. I know it seem like a bad year, but consider that we do have a forum anymore and the old (2003-2006) content is not on this website anymore. I consider that 75.000 unique visitors is great for the new startup.

The only thing that didn’t went so well in 2007 were the sales, but I don’t mind. To be honest I expected that and I can also explain it. In 2007 I just wanted to let our products speak for themselfs. I’m very prod about our new line of products and I consider it to be of great quality and a lot better than the old products line. So I decided to not promote the products so much as in 2006, just to let quality speak. Of course it is rarely happen that a good product can sale without marketing, but after you create a brand that speaks for it’s self you’ll not need advertising anymore. Just look at Propellerheads!

So, THANK YOU for a very good year, I’m very happy that you stayed with us! Visit us in 2008 too because we planned lots of new audio goodies 😉

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