Granular drums combinator and the first video tutorial for Reason 4

Reason guru Kurt Kurasaki aka Peff has build an original combinator for build as a demosntration for The Producers Conferences. The combinator is a custom granular audio manipulation initially build for Reason 3, and now, thanks to some new features in Reason 4, it was updated with some very useful features … read more about the granular combinator.

Also, Peff together with Josh Mobley aka Neoverse in collaboration with Groovebox Music developed and produced Music Production with Reason 4, a new reason video tutorial. Learn step-by-step (10 chapters) how the inspiring track “Narrow Escape” by Neoverse was written and produced.
Wach an overview of the original song:

Wach Josh Mobley aka Neoverse drumming away with Propellerhead Reason Drum Kits 2:

And now, as some king of desert, you have to listen Obsessiosine, a nice electronica track created by Peff, showing his taste for audio experimentation in Reason:

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