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Guitars of Love (Romantic, Sentimental)


Beautiful guitars riffs flow like water over each other, providing the backdrop for stunning and emotive storytelling. Ideal for wedding videos, nature features, documentaries, family videos, romantic shows, scenery footage, movies and television montages, school events, love stories and much more. Give your audience the feeling of first love again with this beautiful melodic production.
Works equally as well instrumental as it does with a vocal track or voiceover on top of it.

Used acoustic guitars, piano, cello solo, bells, marimba, pizz strings, percussion.

Included five versions.

Guitars of Love 01 (Full) – 2:39

Guitars of Love 02 (Without cello) – 2:39

Guitars of Love 03 (Without percussion) – 2:39

Guitars of Love 04 (Without cello and percussion) – 2:39

Guitars of Love 05 (Guitars and piano only) – 1:39

WAV and MP3 included.


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