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Happy and Fun (Folk, Acoustic)


Happy Fun and Upbeat Folk Music

“Happy and Fun” is a fun and happy song with acoustic commercial sound. Featuring human whistle, joyful ukulele, acoustic guitar, optimistic piano, organ, bells, claps, snaps, bright natural drums and more. Use it anywhere you want to create the upbeat joyful atmosphere!

Perfect for background music for advertising, Youtube videos, games, happy media content, animstions, cartoons kids, content, vloggers, digital marketing, innovative technological videos, websites, tutorials, explainers, slideshows, or any projects that needs fun mood. For more flexibility, the short versions is included. Also, short versions are absolutely free!


  • Main – 2:10
  • Short – 0:54
  • Short – 0:30
  • Short – 0:22
  • Short – 0:11

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