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Happy Indie (Folk, Acoustic)


A lovely melodic track that fits all manner of video and audio productions, this is sure to captivate your audience and instil a good mood. This bright background track is perfect for instructional videos, bright presentations, emotional and dynamic videos, nature programming, wildlife and cute animal videos, new product launches, tutorial, school and college projects and much more.
A soft and gentle mixdown leaves plenty of room for a voice over should your project require it.

Used acoustic guitars, ukuleles, piano, celesta, marimba, Hammond organ real human whistle, bass, drums and percussion.

Happy Indie 01 (Full) – 2:16

Happy Indie 02 (Without whistle) – 2:16

Happy Indie 03 (Without whistle and drums) – 2:16

Happy Indie 04 (Guitars, ukuleles, shaker only) – 0:45

WAV and MP3 included


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