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Happy Whistling Kit (Folk, Acoustic)


This Happy Whistling Kit is based on my original track:

  • Happy Whistling
  • Description

    This Happy Whistling track is cheerful, happy, buoyant, energetic, joyful, optimistic, playful, positive, upbeat, funny and entertaining.

    Featuring cheery ukuleles, happy whistling, bright bells, upbeat claps, lively drums, energetic bass, piano and guitars.
    This happy track has an uplifting rhythm, catchy melodies, positive harmony. It’s fun and amusing!

    This track is perfect for a background music, happy commercials, happy children videos, happy advertising, happy youtube videos, happy promotional, happy infographics, happy slideshows, happy and funny videos, happy marketing, happy visuals and happy family videos and many more.

    What’s inside

    Three ready-to-use arrangements:

    • Demo 01 – long version (2:04)
    • Demo 02 – medium version (1:14)
    • Demo 03 – short version (0:44)

    8 song sections

    All audio files are provided as high quality WAV (44.1 kHz / 16-bit). Each section has tails version for smooth transitions and no-tails version for quick arrangement tryouts.

    A document containing detailed instructions and additional arrangement suggestions is provided



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