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Heartbeat 2 (Human Sounds)


Sounds to simulate a human heartbeat. Low, powerful, with different rates, which correspond to:
a rare pulse rate (like well-trained adult athletes)
moderate frequency
frequent heart rate (as with physical exertion and changes in emotional state).
These files are a ready-made loop and can be played seamlessly an unlimited number of times.
And as well as sounds with a changing tempo:
from rare to frequent frequency (increasing the tempo)
from frequent to rare (decrease)
from moderate to frequent
from frequent to moderate
For movies, games, quizzes, intro, cartoons, projects on medicine, health, horror, stress character, stress, loneliness, expectation.
Names of files in accordance with their sequence in the preview:
Heartbeat 40 (0:03) loop
Heartbeat 70 (0:06) loop
Heartbeat 100 (0:03) loop
Acceleration 40 to 100 (0:18)
Acceleration 70 to 100 (0:09)
Relaxation 100 to 40 (0:18)
Relaxation 100 to 70 (0:11)
All files are available in Wave and Mp3 formats.
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